April 24, 2003

The yurt itself is mostly finished at this point. The insulation and outer skin were attached back on April 8, the day the yurt went up. In the days that followed, Ben and Mark have added some wiring and plumbing to the deck. They have also placed a walkway around the yurt and have built a wheelchair accessible ramp that leads up to the door which faces southeast. Inside the yurt, a vinyl floor was laid over the deck. Most of this work was done in cold, rainy weather. Once the gutters and downspout are completed we will allow the bor to fill with rainwater.

All things considered, we are immensely pleased with how things have gone, and particularly with the skill, creativity and hard work that everyone involved has put into this project. In the next few weeks we will acquire large quantities of bark dust and river gravel, and begin landscaping.

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